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J Boxer – Be Free

written by Ani Jaffe, age 10
performed by J Boxer
engineered by Scott Andrews @ the Silent Barn’s Future 86 Studios
mixed by Scott Andrews & J Boxer

lyrics: i know there’s a place where there is freedom/i know there’s a place where we can go/look into the bright eyes/and see the sun rise/look at me because i know a place where we can be free/look into your heart and we’ll never be apart when we’re free/look into the bright eye of the midnight dream/pretty soon it’s spring/get into your head/stop hiding in your bed/it’s time to get ready for your new life/it’s gonna be better (and free)/you’re gonna love it too

from the upcoming EP “FRIENDSONGS”, featuring seven covers of J BOXER’S favorite songwriters, whom also happen to be his friends.

original full-length LP COMING SOON

CONTACT J BOXER @ reddwarfcomestogether@gmail.com
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