Monthly Archives: July 2013

the band in Heaven – Dandelion Wine

Hailing from West Palm Beach, FL, the band in Heaven has announced their debut full length ‘Caught in a Summer Swell’ and here is the first single from that album. From the cover (pictured above) you could think maybe they are going for a space beach/pool feel, and that could be somewhat right here. Shimmering guitars and dreamy vocals are the modus operandi here, with some hooky guitars thrown in the mix because that’s just what you do. The album will come out in September on Decades Records.

Lindsay Lowend – Wind Fish EP (SMBL022)

Original posted at Soundcloud by Symbols Recordings

As someone who dabbled in some of the early Japanese rhythm/music games (ie. Beatmania/DDR), I have to admit hearing the comparison in the description on Soundcloud for that here definitely seems to fit, and probably helps explain why it immediately clicked with me. Very schizophrenic (although probably a good amount of that is attributable to it being an EP mix), but the little hints and beats strewn throughout here are a great energizer to the music and it is an immediate pick me up pretty much. Looking forward to hearing more from this going forward, love what I hear so far.